Check out the prices of 4-bedroom homes in America’s most expensive neighborhoods

Posted: September 26, 2016 by Brook

One common remark I hear from Buyers (and Sellers) is where the cost of housing has landed just a few short years after the market came crashing down.  Are the prices out of control?

Perhaps a little perspective can shine some light on this question that’s common in today’s Bend real estate market.  If you’ve got new neighbors down the street with California plates still donning their bumper and need some perspective, you’d be safe to assume they have heaps of it.  17 of the 25 homes cited in a recent article profiling some of America’s priciest neighborhoods were located in the sunshine state.

Sellers who are cashing in on real estate in some of the California markets probably owe a debt of gratitude to companies like Apple and Facebook for the mint Buyers are willing to pay.  Location, location, location!

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